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Schlössel Spa at Hotel Alpenschlössel

Fantastic Wellness during your holiday in South Tyrol

Hotel Alpenschlössel offers a small, but exquisite oasis for your well-being, where our team at the Schlössel Wellness & SPA will take care of you.

The Schlössel Spa is part of Hotel Alpenschlössel, where you can enjoy extraordinary Wellness during your holiday in South Tyrol. Beautiful, tastefully designed rooms, offer you relaxing harmony: soothing warmth, aromas and fragrances ... All of this creates a suitable introduction to our Wellness world, where you can find total relaxation!

Breath-taking views over the surrounding mountain world and our idyllic garden pond ensure that you will enjoy a fantastic Wellness holiday in South Tyrol. Holistic beauty treatments and programmes will take care of you from head to toe. The Sport & Wellness resort Quellenhof will help you to relax and forget about your everyday routine ... the following is a list of our treatments.

Welcome to a magnificent journey of Wellness treatments from all around the world - presented to you during your holiday in South Tyrol!

The Schlössel Spa Team

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