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Quellenhof and its history

Quellenhof Resort is like a big tree, with long strong roots and a canopy of flowers and leaves. 

The success story of Quellenhof, destined to continue, has its origins in the distant past. Quellenhof inn was built in 1897 along the only road that passes through Val Passiria. The name Quellenhof derives from the fresh bubbling spring that marked the spot and still gushes forth in the same place. Heinrich Dorfer’s grandparents bought Quellenhof in 1923 and during the period after the Second World War, with great energy and dedication they set to work on enlarging the small inn, which soon became a popular meeting place for guests from near and far. Quellenhof became famous above all for its excellent cooking. One of its best-known dishes was “trota in blu” (“blue trout”).

Towards the end of the 50s, running of the family business passed to the second generation, who were ready to take over the reins of Quellenhof. With the improved economic situation, Quellenhof developed, and Luise and Rudolf Dorfer witnessed an increase in the number of guests who valued their services. The 70s were the turning point!  Luise Dorfer took two strategic decisions that turned out to be crucial for the future of Quellenhof. First she had Forellenhof built, with the first tennis courts in the Alto Adige region. In this way the inn became a hotel with sports facilities. After this she bought  “Kennenhof“, a large farmstead with land which allowed subsequent expansion of the resort.

Since the 90s Quellenhof has been run by Heinrich Dorfer, now the third generation of Dorfers, who has turned Quellenhof into a “Sport & Wellness Resort”. In addition to carrying out numerous refurbishments and extensions, Heinrich Dorfer has always been very far-sighted. Back in 1992, he had a private golf course created, which is still the hotel’s main sporting attraction. He then decided to finance a private tunnel which diverted traffic away from the resort. This decision considerably improved the quality of the hotel facility which offers incomparable tranquillity, green spaces and safety for adults and children alike. With construction of Hotel Park he achieved an extremely high level of quality, but even this was subsequently surpassed by the wellness department of Hotel Vital. With the opening of the Medical Center, Quellenhof has placed the emphasis on the health and wellbeing of its guests.

Heinrich Dorfer is not alone: in addition to his wife Meggy, he is also assisted by his sister Birgit and her husband Jörg. Luise Dorfer, known to everyone as mamma Dorfer, who has lived and worked here for many years, supports her son in all his activities and offers her own special welcome to both new and regular guests. Three generations of the Dorfer family have run, shaped and cared for Hotel Quellenhof.  With the growth of the hotel complex, the challenges also increase, but the entire family has always remained faithful to its roots and beliefs:  each individual guest deserves maximum commitment!  This entrepreneurial spirit characterises both the physical and social fabric of Quellenhof.

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