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The Dorfer Family welcomes yout to the Quellenhof!

Heinrich Dorfer and his wife Meggy are the third generation to manage the hotel. Being visionary and a good planner, Heinrich designs the future. Meggy creates the present with love for the detail and heartiness. The aim of both: the satisfaction of their guests. They divide their success with their team.

Birgit Dorfer and her husband Jörg work for and with the guest every day. While Birgit is responsible for the reception and welcomes guests at the heart of the resort, Jörg looks after the guests at the Alpenschlössl with great attention and plenty of humour.

Luise Dorfer is known as Mother Dorfer, has managed the Quellenhof for many years and contributed to the great success. Today, her zest for life and her warm hospitality still make up the soul of the house. She likes to reminisce with the regular guests about past memories, and she also has lots to tell to the many new guests.

The young generation are in preparation. Still at school today, preparing for tomorrow.

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