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The Quellenhof as an employer

The Sport- & Wellness Resort Quellenhof is open 10 months a year from March until the beginning of January. During this period, we employ between 150 and 200 people. Even though we may be seasonally operative, we are delighted about the high level of loyalty of our employees. Approx. 80 % of our employees work with us on a recurring basis.

The family business which is in its third generation is run and characterised by Heinrich Dorfer and his wife Meggy, and Birgit Dorfer and her husband Jörg. The senior boss, Mrs Luise Dorfer still contributes to the daily warmth in the house. But a large portion of our success is down to our experienced employees. Qualified managers and motivated employees mark the difference between us and our competitors.

We meet the meaningfulness of each and every one of our employees in terms of the success of our hotel with appreciation and also with a challenge. We need employees who are not only qualified in their area of expertise, but who bring involvement and motivation to our team, and who are also flexible and responsible.

Yet our employees are much more than mere performers who deserve our recognition. Employees are also people, who belong to our hotel and bring the Quellenhof to life.

We don't simply offer our employees performance related pay packages, or where necessary very good levels of accommodation, we also provide an ambience where they can utilise their personal attributes and where they can grow as people. We don't simply demand, we challenge our employees! Weaknesses and mistakes are allowed, when they are learnt from. In the knowledge that the satisfaction of our guests secures jobs, all work towards the same goal of the long term success of the hotel, managers, team leaders and individual employees.

As one of the largest employees in the touristic area in Burgraviato, we happily contribute to the further education of the youth. In close collaboration with the hotel & catering school Savoy, we train people in the areas of service and for the kitchen. The apprenticeships are an investment in the future for us. From the same line of thought we offer pupils and students a chance to absolve practical work experience in all of the areas of the business every year.

Lots of our employees live in the Quellenhof too. We offer modern employee accommodation close to the resort. Board is also provided free of charge even on days off. The hotel's wellness and fitness equipment can be used by employees in the evening. And to round off, we also have an annual employees outing.

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