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Excursions in the surrounding area

Culture, history, nature and shopping - there is somehing for everyone!

  • Andreas Hofer Museum

The Passeier museum is located at the former farmstead of the Tyrolean freedom-fighter Andreas Hofer (1767 - 1810) in the village of St. Leonhard in the Passeier Valley in South Tyrol. It features a historic documentary film regarding the Tyrolean insurrection of 1809 against the Napoleonic and Bavarian invaders. Many original showpieces, including a fine ethnographic collection of showpieces documenting local costumes, furniture, art, customs, traditions etc. ... more information

  • Mining museum & Schneeberg refuge hut┬á

The adventure mine and Schneeberg refuge hut in Passeier (South Tyrol) are found at an altitude of 2,355 metres above sea level. Both are open from 15th June to 15th October and can only be reached by foot. In addition, the short and long guided tours lead you to a discovery path and a show room with minerals, old tools, documents and more ... more information

  • The Botanic Gardens at Castle Trauttmansdorff and the Touriseum

The Touriseum, a tourist museum in South Tyrol, is situated in the heart of the Botanic Gardens. It is very popular and worth visiting from March to November. In the gardens of Castle Trauttmansdorff, there are plants from all over the world, offering an insight into the typical landscapes of South Tyrol - from rhododendrons in spring, to roses and lavender during the summer, followed by "Leuchtfeuer" in the Japanese garden in the autumn months. At the Touriseum, you will find a fantastic collection, combining information about the local culture and landscape ... more information

  • Castle Tyrol - South Tyrolean museum of history

This castle was the ancestral seat of the Counts of Tyrol and is one of many impressive castles in South Tyrol. The castle consists of two palaces, including a chapel. Inside, visitors can have a glance back to Medieval Times in South Tyrol. In the surrounding area of the castle, there is a centre for bird fauna (village of Tyrol). Visitors are welcome to observe the tamed diurnal birds of prey twice a day, at 11.15 a.m. and 15.15 a.m ... more information

  • Castle Juval (Reinhold Messner)

The 700 year old castle is situated high above the Schnals Valley. In 1983, it was bought by the South Tyrolean extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner. In 1995, he opened the castle to the public. Castle Juval is well worth visiting. You can leave your car at the Juval car park and walk to the castle by foot or take the shuttle bus. During the summer months, the castle is closed to the public as Reinhold Messner lives in the castle during this time ... more information

  • Archeoparc in Schnals

This indoor and open-air museum will take you on a journey back to the Stone Age and the famous mummy, called ├ľtzi. Visitors can check out tools dating back for centuries ... more information

  • Bozen Archaeology Museum

Visit ├ľtzi, the famous South Tyrolean mummy, and discover many highlights from the pre-historic times in this region ... more information

  • Nature Museum in Bozen

With more than 1,000 m┬▓ of exhibition space, visitors get a fantastic introduction to the diversity of the South Tyrolean landscape: from its geological formation, to its morphological transformation, the re-population after the Ice Age, all the way through to its transformation into a cultural society ... more information

  • Lake Garda

Whether you are into surfing, sailing, cycling, mountain biking, swimming, diving, hiking, climbing, canyoning, paragliding, shopping or relaxing, there is something for everyone here. Framed by a breath-taking mountain backdrop, with perfect wind conditions and a Mediterranean climate, the azure blue lake makes for a perfect holiday destination for anyone who loves water sports. Hotel Quellenhof collaborates with the Passeier Valley tourist board and organizes weekly excursions to Lake Garda ... more information

  • Verona

Together with the tourist board, we organize excursions to the Verona Arena during the opera season. After a comfortable coach drive to Verona, you will have the afternoon free to indulge in shopping or whatever your heart desires. In the evening, you can sit back and relax while you enjoy a great opera. ... more information

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