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Hiking near Meran

The Sport & Wellness Resort Quellenhof is the ideal starting point for hiking trips near Meran. Right at the entrance to our hotel, there are numerous hiking paths with all grades of difficulty. In only a few minutes by car, you can reach popular hiking trails such as the Algund irrigation channel route. Another much loved destination is the Meran high mountain road. As you can see, there is something for everyone!

The following are our hiking trip recommendations:

  • Hiking trip along the Meran high mountain road:

    From Naturns, you will need to climb to an altitude of 1.500 to 1.800 metres above sea level. You can do this either by foot or using the cable-car, e.g. the Sonnenberg facility. At the Meran high mountain road, there is approximately 110 km of pure hiking fun ahead of you, with only a few steep ascents, but truly breath-taking views of the Passeier Valley, The Meran valley basin, the Sarn Valley, Stubai and √Ėtz Valley Alps. On a beautiful day, the Dolomites, Brenta group and the Ortler seem so close that you could touch them.

    The circular path enables you to circumnavigate in northerly and southerly direction. The Meran high mountain road South‚Äė stretches from Katharinenberg in the Schnals valley to Ulfas just above Platt in Passeier. The Meran high mountain road North‚Äė runs in the direction of Pfelders and leads you right into the centre of the Texel Group Nature Park, where the stillness of the untouched mountain landscape, can only be interrupted by the scream of a golden eagle or the whistling of a fearful marmot. Due to numerous possibilities to ascend and descend, you can start your hiking trip from any point ... and the same is true when you come to the end of your tour. In between, you should ensure that you visit one of the idyllic Alpine huts and try some of their food.

  • Hiking trip to the Pfandleralm:

    Tour description:

    From the by-pass at the southern tip of St. Martin in Passeier, follow marking # 1 along the Prantach Höfestrasse until you come to the Passer river. Then follow the Höfestrasse for a while and then, partly a short foot path through forests and meadows until you come to a crossroads not far away from a bend in the road. Keep right and walk in the direction of the farmhouses (Gruber, Pfandler) and through the forest further up to the Pfandleralm (eating possibility).

    Descent: Walk on the same way back until you come to the crossroads again. Then following marking # E5 through the forest in a northerly direction down to the Pfeiftalhof. Turn left onto path # 4B and then path # 1A in a westerly direction. Via the Haselstauderhof, you will reach the wide Passerweg. Follow this path until you come to the bridge and then back to your starting point.

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