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Beauty packages

Especially for you! We offer special packages for men and women.

Massages, Haki, Ayurveda, Shiatsu & Oriental


  • An entire day, just for HER

An entire day, just for HER

1 day-programme
‚ā¨ 365.--
  • Marende


‚ÄėMarende‚Äô is the local name for a light snack taken between¬†lunch and dinner.
Duration: approx. 50 min.
‚ā¨ 75.--
  • Quiet Time

Quiet Time

‚ÄėQuiet Time‚Äô is a beneficial combination of treatments designed to¬†help you switch off, leave the stress of your daily routine behind and¬†top up on energy.
Duration: approx. 110 min.
‚ā¨ 140.--
  • Body treatment for expectant mothers

Body treatment for expectant mothers

3 days-programm
‚ā¨ 265.--
  • A day for HIM

A day for HIM

1-day programme
‚ā¨ 295.--
  • Healthy back

Healthy back

3-day programme
‚ā¨ 299.--
  • Sports Package

Sports Package

3-day programme
‚ā¨ 230.--
  • Teens


Up to 16 years old
1 to 2-day programme
‚ā¨ 145.--
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